My name is Leo Michielsen and I’m an Enterprise Administrator  (MCSA 2012, MCSE 2003) at the Heerema Fabrication Group in the Netherlands. My primary tasks are maintaining an enterprise level Active Directory and researching and eventually implementing new ICT technologies useful for our company. I’m a Microsoft type of guy so don’t expect much else on this site, if you don’t like it sue me 🙂

I’ve started this site to record any odd or interesting issues I have encountered in my day to day work. In order not to forget the solutions I’ve found, I decided to note them down in such a way that they also can be helpfull for others.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this website, be they in text, pictures or sound, are my own and not those of my employer or colleagues. Any points of information published on this site should not be considered facts and I will not be held liable were they to be considered as such and subsequently cause issues. It is worth noting that opinions of people change over time and this is no less true for me. Anything I might say in a particular post has no bearing on how I might react or respond to a similar situation were it to occur again in the future. While I try and make this site as accurate as possible some things are deliberately left out or censored and as such my postings are not to be considered in any way a viable method for judging suitableness for projects,etc!

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