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Sometimes you want to be able to access a server by more than one NETBIOS name for example when a file server has been replaced by a new one and you want to have the old name available for a while when UNC paths needs to be updated. To enable multiple NETBIOS names a couple of steps are needed:

two new registry settings on the server itself and an extra DNS record. In this article we have a file server called fs in the domain We need to make it accesible using the name fileserver too.

First open the registry editor on the server that needs to extra names and go to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters. Create a new Multistring entry called  OptionalNames and enter the new name (if more than one alias is needed, enter those each on a new line):


The second entry that has to be added will make it possible that other pcs can connect to the server by DNS Alias. Again in <em><strong>Parameters</strong></em>, create a new DWORD entry called <em><strong>DisableStricktNameChecking</strong></em> and set the value to 1:


Last thing to add is a CNAME record for the new name(s) in DNS. On the DNS server open the DNS management console and add a new CNAME record:


DNS will look like this:


Now reboot the server and when the server is up and running again, it should be accessible using both the original and the new name:


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