We’ve encountered an issue where  the company’s RDWEB page didn’t show any RemoteApps when connecting to that page from outside the company. Withing the company it was working normally.












The obvious place to start trouble shooting is the gateway server. On this server open the event viewer and look for any errors related to RDWebAccess:





We saw a lot of Event ID 10 errors, and after opening  one of the events the following details were shown:








Apperently the RDWEB server which is part of the RDS Gateway server wasn’t able to communicate with one of the RDS broker servers. Suggested solution was to add the gateway server to the TS Web Access security group on the broker.  However on server 2012 this group doesn’t exist anymore. After some investigating the new name of this group is RDS Endpoint Servers. This group should contain all the RDS Session host servers and all the RDWEB servers. Normally this group is automatically populated during the configuration of the RDS environment.














After adding the gateway server to this group, the issue was resolved. All RemoteApps were nicely delivered again!

It may be worthwhile to check the other RDS groups as well:

The next group we’re going to check is the RDS Management Servers group. This group should contain all your RDS brokers, if one or more are missing, add them manually:














The group RDS Remote Access Servers must contain all your RDWEB servers:















Finally on all of the RDS Session host servers, the group RDS Management Servers should contain all the RDS Brokers in the organization:

















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